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Orly GelFX

March 27, 2012 | 11:54 AM

Durable, chip-free manicures that last for two weeks with superior shine and easy removal. ORLY matched GelFX to 38 of the top-selling colors ranging from sophisticated neutrals to glittering metallics to vibrant shades of blue, purple and black. Because each GelFX shade is part of the permanent ORLY collection of lacquers, it can be matched to a traditional pedicure and the lacquer formula can be used to touch up re-growth. The GelFX formula also cures in half the time of a traditional gel manicure, thanks to LED light technology.

The 38 shades in the GelFX Manicure System include:
·        Bare Rose
·        Berry Blast
·        Catch the Bouquet
·        Charged Up
·        Chocoholic
·        Coffee Break
·        Country Club Khaki
·        Crawford’s Wine
·        First Kiss
·        Haute Red
·        In the Navy
·        It’s Up to Blue
·        Kiss the Bride
·        Lift the Veil
·        Liquid Vinyl
·        Luxe
·        Mirror Mirror
·        Monroe’s Red
·        Moonlit Madness
·        Naughty
·        Oh Cabana Boy
·        Passionfruit
·        Pink Chocolate
·        Pink Lemonade
·        Pink Nude
·        Pixy Stix
·        Plum Noir
·        Prince Charming
·        Prisma Gloss Silver
·        Rage
·        Red Flare
·        Rose Colored Glasses
·        Ruby
·        Sheer Nude
·        Shine
·        Star Spangled
·        Terracotta
·        White Tips