Manic Panic Announces Five New Semi-Permanent Hair Colors

Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 2, 2014 | 10:37 AM


Manic Panic announces the release of five new semi-permanent hair colors. As always, the products are completely Vegan and cruelty-free, and not only dye the hair, but simultaneously condition it. High Voltage Classic Cream colors last 4-6 weeks with proper care, and garner the most vibrant results on pre-lightened locks. Each of these colors can be mixed with Manic Mixer/Pastel-izer to create luxurious pastel tints.

The five new colors are: 

  • Blue Steel - a liquid mercury hue that has been sported in various shades by stars like Kelly Osbourne, Nicole Richie and Kesha. 
  • Deep Purple Dream - a rich black currant, and Manic Panic's darkest purple yet.
  • Inferno - Manic Panic's newest shade of red. Lighter and brighter than Wildfire, but warmer than Rock ‘n’ Roll Red.
  • Plum Passion - a sultry shade of purple that had been discontinued, but was so missed that it's been resurrected. 
  • Siren's Song - an exquisite sahde of seafoam green that glows under black light and is the ideal choice for mermaid hair.


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