Cuccio Naturale Professional Pedicure Hydrating Heel Treatment

Elizabeth Jakaitis | October 3, 2014 | 11:52 AM
Cuccio Naturale’s Hydrating Heel Treatment is available in a 16 oz professional size and a 2 oz size that is ideal for retail. Scents include original and coconut.

Cuccio Naturale presents Professional Pedicure Hydrating Heel Treatment to nourish and moisturize feet and heels. The unique formulation contains both organic Argan and Urea, imparting intense hydration for extremely dry skin. Argan helps stimulate the renewal of skin cells through antioxidants and vitamins E/F while giving even the roughest skin a soft, lustrous feeling. Urea helps add intense hydration to the skin. With continued use, lines and cracks smooth out and skin becomes soft and supple.