NovaMinx Eyelash Extensions by NovaLash

Elizabeth Jakaitis | November 17, 2014 | 1:03 PM

NovaLash Announces a New Line of Eyelash Extensions – NovaMinx mix: soft, silky lashes that radiantly resemble real mink fur. These eyelash extensions boast all the benefits of real minx lashes—they’re glossy while being feathery lightweight—without the sanitary issues associated with animal hair. The soft, silky synthetic minx allows you to skip mascara altogether.


NovaMinx mix eyelash extensions come in an array of sizes, so you can pick the ones which best correspond to the natural lash length. The lashes stay put thanks to NovaLash’s award-winning, patent pending adhesive. Carefully applied in the exclusive NovaLash fashion (which involves varying the length and thickness of every lash for a born-with-it fit) the lashes are designed to correspond to the natural lash growth cycle, ensuring a long-lasting look that will never damage the real lashes. 



  • Soft and supple texture
  • Extremely light weight
  • High gloss
  • Maintains curl when wet



  • Each novaMINX box is designed to contain the correct proportion of varying lengths for precise application of NovaLash’s 3 length bonding technique which works with the three phases of our own natural lash cycle. Bonding according to nature not only keeps lashes healthy but also provides longer lasting results while maintaining a natural sophisticated appearance for clients as their own lashes cycle out. Use with NovaLash’s Platinum Bond adhesive to achieve 4 weeks between maintenance appointments.
  • Can be marketed at higher price so helps increase revenues. We suggest pricing a full minx set at 20% higher than the regular set.
  • Quicker application time- When used with NovaLash’s glove technique and Platinum Bond, application time has been shown to decrease by at least 20 minutes, allowing our stylists to earn more per hour, schedule more appointments and achieve better client retention.
  • NovaLash’s unique production design allows for a more hygienic application.


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