HairArt Presents New Razarte Razor For Cutting Hair At a Perfect 45º Angle

Elizabeth Jakaitis | January 9, 2015 | 8:45 AM

HairArt introduces the new HairArt Razarte, created to revolutionize the way that hair is razor cut.


Designed by Japan’s world-renowned professional hairstylist Hisahiro Yamamoto, HairArt Razarte is the first premium razor specifically developed to precisely cut hair at a perfect, 45-degree angle.


This unique breakthrough tool, the winner of the coveted Japanese Good Design Award, has a special lightweight ergonomic handle that is center balanced for perfect hand placement, to enable easier maneuvering and more detailed effects. It makes razor cutting more comfortable as well as allows more technical and creative control.


As a result, stylists can now create a soft deconstructed finish to hairstyles and soften the bluntness of a scissor cut. It allows stylists to define, enhance and create beautiful, soft, fluid movement in nearly all types of haircuts. The powerful Razarte also reduces split ends and flyaways, and is ideal for quick touch-ups.


The HairArt Razarte is made of a special durable, premium aluminum alloy and features an easy-to-change stainless steel blade. Uniquely lightweight, Razarte is a perfect choice for editorial stylist kits and for on-the-go styling and travel.


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