Satin Smooth Launches Pebble Wax

Chandler Rollins | March 9, 2015 | 12:05 PM
Satin Smooth Launches Pebble Wax

Maximize hair removal while minimizing discomfort with Satin Smooth's latest offering, Satin Smooth Pebble Wax

Available in four non-strip hard wax formulas; Calendula Gold, Wild Cherry, Titanium Blue and Citrus Mojito, this solution offers customers more freedom, flexibility and convenience with a pourable pebble formula that provides cosmetologists and estheticians the exact amount of wax needed, to better customize their services. The pebbles quickly melt into a rich, cream formula and are suitable for all-over body and facial hair removal. 

Calendula Gold Hard Wax With Tea Tree Oil: Natural extracts from the wild calendula flower and the tea tree plant calm and soothe skin when working with thick, coarse, curly or stubborn hair. 

Wild Cherry Hard Wax With Vitamin E: Natural cherry fruit extracts create a fragrant all-purpose wax that soothes the skin, while its vitamin E works as a buffer to prevent irritation. A low melting point makes it easy to apply quickly and spread easily over large areas. Formulated for fine to medium hair and any skin type. 

Citrus Mojito Thin Film Hard Wax: Formulated for medium to fine hair and sensitive skin types, Citrus Mojito soothes and moisturizes skin with vitamin C and natural spearmint oil. 

Titanium Blue Thin Film Hard Wax: Suitable for both men and women, Blue Titanium is suited for Brazilian bikini waxing with the soothing and moisturizing properties of calming azulene oil, vitamin E and zinc oxide. Formulated for thick, coarse hair.  

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