GrandeFACE Lift Finishing Serum

Elizabeth Jakaitis | April 8, 2015 | 1:11 PM

GrandeFACE Lift is a finishing serum that smoothes wrinkles, lifts lids and diminishes bagginess and dark circles. It reduces the appearance of crow’s feet and minimizes pores, giving skin a younger appearance. Apply under makeup or use alone for an improved complexion that lasts all day.

How to use GrandeFACE Lift:

1. Start with a clean dry face. Allow all skincare products (moisturizers and/or serums) to fully absorb before applying GrandeFACE Lift.

2. Pump 1-2 pumps of product into your hands.

3. Smooth GrandeFACE Lift over your entire face, including lips and around eyes, leaving a light, wet coating of the serum. Can be used on neck and chest area as well.

4. Allow to dry for 1-2 minutes. See wrinkles and sagginess diminish. Allow product to dry completely before applying makeup. 

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