Wahl Hot Lather Machine

Elizabeth Jakaitis | April 24, 2015 | 9:49 AM

Wahl announces the release of its Hot Lather Machine, an attractive, updated and efficient appliance for barbers or stylists who want to offer hot lather services for their clients.

The new machine is part of the Wahl '19 line, which focuses on men’s grooming and finishing needs for all hair and skin types. It completely heats lather in 50 minutes, comes with an extra pump and is easy to maintain.

The Hot Lather Machine’s electrical components are protected so the liquid lather never comes into contact with them. The machine is also easy to maintain and manage. To wash, simply remove the lather reservoir and rinse with hot water.

The machine also comes with a 12 oz. bottle of Wahl '19 Liquid Lather. While other lathers are concentrate and have to be mixed with distilled water, Wahl’s lather is premixed and ready to pour with no measuring, mixing or worrying about separation.

Another benefit to Wahl’s '19 liquid lather is that it will not dry out skin. The lather itself is self-lubricating, which allows the razor to glide evenly over the skin without pulling or skipping and leaves skin moisturized.

In addition to facial shaves, the lather can be used for neck trims and line ups, as well as for ladies’ grooming.

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