Jack Dean's Gentleman Grooming Collection

Sarah Mazur | June 9, 2015 | 1:14 PM
Jack Dean Gentleman's Grooming Collection by Denman International


The Jack Dean Shampoos and Bodywash are coconut oil-based, soap-free cleaning systems which cleanse the skin and hair without drying, whilst giving a luxurious lather in the shower or bath.

Thickening Shampoo (250 ml)

A gentle cleanser ideal for fine or thinning hair. Adds body and fullness to thicken and strengthen the hair while added Australian eucalyptus extract refreshes and invigorates the scalp.

Conditioning Shampoo (250 ml)

A mild, frequent-use shampoo with tea tree and macadamia extracts which condition the hair. A refreshing cleanser which stimulates the scalp and leaves hair feeling clean, fresh and healthy. Suitable for all hair types.

Bay Rum Bodywash (250 ml)

An invigorating all-over body shampoo with the unmistakable masculine aroma of bay rum. This luxurious shower gel produces a rich lather which gently cleanses the body while added menthol gives the skin a revitalizing tingle.



The discerning gentleman’s essential preparations and grooming formulas.

Finishing Pomade (100 ml)

A light hair dressing which contains camellia and coconut oils to smooth, moisturize and condition the hair leaving a subtle sheen.

Styling Paste (100 ml)

A strong, defining paste for sculpting the hair and creating bold shapes and textures.

After Shave Balm (100 ml)

A refreshing, post-shave treatment which cools the face and reduces redness. Contains seaweed and cucumber extracts which moisturize, soothe and calm the skin. Added witch hazel and tea tree primes pores for a smooth, firm, comfortable finish.



Renowned for their blend of fine essential oils, gentlemen have been using these hair dressings for nearly 100 years to maintain and care for healthy hair. A daily application will help keep the hair in good condition.

Eau De Portugal (250 ml)

A classic hair tonic formulated to an original Portuguese recipe. Contains lemon oil, macadamia oil and bitter orange for a clean and refreshing citrus aroma.

Eau De Quinine (250 ml)

A classic hair tonic formulated to stimulate and invigorate the scalp. Quinine has a floral aroma combining jasmine, lily of the valley and macadamia oil with citrus and vanilla notes.

Bay Rum (250 ml)

An authentic, aromatic hair and scalp tonic derived from a warm, spicy infusion of bay leaves and clove mellowed with sweet orange and basil oil.


Manufactured from maple wood, they gently remove dirt and dust from the hair while spreading the hair’s natural oils along the cuticle to add shine and help maintain healthy hair. Ideal for use on shorter hair styles and for gentlemen with fine or thinning hair. Available in Military Style and Club Style.

Military Brush

Natural bristles are stiffened with nylon for grooming coarser hair textures.

                 Club Brush

Tufts of extra-soft natural bristles make this brush ideal for use on fine or thinning hair.