Easydry Salon and Spa Eco Towels: No Washing Saves Water

Anne Moratto | July 22, 2015 | 10:35 PM

California Governor Brown has imposed mandatory water restrictions for all businesses, so beauty salons and spas are searching for new ways to save water and save money. Ireland’s Easydry towels are now available in the United States to help salons, help the environment and help client’s hair.

According to the press release: "Easydry is a luxury disposable salon towel that is requires no water, absorbs better than cotton, biodegrades naturally in two months, and is cheaper and more hygienic than buying and washing towels. Easydry has a long history of success throughout Europe in top salons and on TV & movie sets, and is now available direct."

To celebrate this launch, Easydry is offering US beauty businesses a special trial box of 200 Easydry Towels for just $99 which includes free shipping.

“Switching from outdated cotton towels to luxurious and eco-friendly Easydry towels is the easy way to reduce water consumption and offer your clients a hygienic and eco friendly towel – every client, every time,” said Easydry founder and CEO, Anne Butterly. “For example, there are 60,000 hair & beauty salons in California. If every salon made the simple switch, then the hair and beauty industry could collectively save more than 1.8 million gallons of water each year while providing a premium service for salon guests. This also saves space in salons and reduces extra labor and staffing to wash towels.”

Compostable Easydry towels are being used backstage at top beauty trade shows across the country. Easydry towels made for organic, renewable fibers and won the 2015 Green Entrepreneur Award.

To learn more, visit and to order direct, visit

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