Magma by Blondor

Lauren Salapatek | July 28, 2015 | 8:33 AM

Using 12 intermixable shades, lift and tone to create infinite color possibilities with Magma by Blondor, a single-step pigmented lightener. Use with foil highlights, freehand lightening, artistic blending or creative toning to create couture colors from soft to expressive. Works in both natural and previously-colored hair.


The ability for Magma to lift and tone simultaneously has to do with how the technology works inside and outside of the hair. Inside the hair, a special combination of different lightening molecules evenly distributes into the hair to gradually and evenly lighten dyes and melanin. Outside of the hair, a fine blend of direct dyes deposit on the first layer of the hair cuticles to tone the hair.

Traditional direct dyes cannot be intermixed with bleaches as they will become unstable at the high pH levels of the bleach environment. Magma's direct dyes are specifically designed to be stable at the high pH levels of bleaches. The special distribution of electrons in the SpectraLift Technology "protects" the dye molecule from the high pH levels of the bleach environment.

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