Olaplex: Revolutionizing the Color World

Lauren Salapatek | October 8, 2015 | 8:48 AM
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Olaplex President Dean Christal
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Who We Are
Offering a breakthrough product with growth fueled largely by social media, Olaplex President Dean Christal worked with chemists Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker to bring his vision to life. Olaplex, a liquid color additive that works with any brand of color or lightener to prevent hair damage, is continuing to gain momentum from Instagram and Facebook buzz with positive feedback from colorists and clients alike.

First Person
President Dean Christal shares how Olaplex offers colorists insurance as well as the opportunity to grow color revenue.

The chemistry of Olaplex is patented specifically for what it claims: cross-linking sulfur hydrogen bonds in the hair. Competitors are making claims to capitalize on our momentum. Olaplex grew out of social media and word-of-mouth. We are now used in more than 200,000 salons worldwide with more than 275,000 Instagram followers and more than 400,000 unique Olaplex hashtags.

No-Stress Color Services Olaplex gives hairdressers the ability to work without anxiety while performing chemical services. As quoted by Tracey Cunningham, “Olaplex has given me superpowers!” Colorists can now push hair further, make hair blonder, process more often and increase daily revenue while looking like superstars to their clients.

Profit Booster
The mission of Olaplex is to drive box-color users back into the salon. Colorists now have the ability to raise their prices for the first time in years. Clients happily pay to have hair that doesn’t break during a chemical service. You no longer have to say “no” to a client with over-processed hair. Using Olaplex’s stand-alone treatments and color add-ons gives the hairdresser the ability to process more often and per-form more services.

Cream of the Crop
Olaplex is committed to launching chemistry-based technologies that have never been seen before. We need innovation, not the imitation that has driven manufacturers for decades. To be successful, we only employ top chemists and scientists who are untainted by the same old way of product development. We want to be known for cutting-edge chemistry driven by the pure truth and real stylist results.

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