Veggie Nail Cream from Alessandro International

Jamie Newman | October 13, 2015 | 1:25 PM
Photo By alessandro International

Using extracts of cucumber, tomato and carrots, alessandro International has released a line of nail butters that says to care for and strengthen stressed cuticles. Available in three varieties, each ingredient combination yields its own set of benefits. 

TOMATO AND STRAWBERRY, Red Energy: Tomato extract contains high levels of lycopene, a natural fat-soluble colorant that gives skin a renewed vitality. Tomatoes also contain collagen-building vitamin C.


CARROT AND ORANGE, Orange Happiness: Rich in vitamin A, carrot extract is also known for its beta-carotene content.

CUCUMBER AND MELON, Green Power: Cucumber has an anti-inflammatory effect and contains nourishing vitamins and mild fruit acids. 

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