Saryna Key Boha Shea Treatment

Elizabeth Jakaitis | February 4, 2016 | 2:32 PM
Saryna Key Boha Shea

Saryna Key Boha Shea treatment contains 60% natural keratin which repairs and rebuilds the hair’s internal structure, leaving it healthy, shiny and strong. It helps hair retain color and vibrancy, and the natural keratin and amino acid complex seals split ends and repairs damaged cuticles.

Boha Shea's formula is the result of a long and exclusive development process and is produced by refining the top layer of Shea butter. It contains an especially high concentration of natural keratin, amino acids and proteins. It is suitable for dry, broken, damaged, dyed and lightened hair.

To use, squeeze excess water out of hair after shampooing and spray Boha Shea onto locks. Lather and leave in for five minutes, then rinse well. 

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