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Salon Design Trends from Minerva: Reclaimed Wood, Brushed Steel and Color Accurate Lighting

Minerva Beauty | February 5, 2016 | 11:30 AM

New releases from Minerva Beauty, Inc. highlight the latest trends in salon design, including reclaimed wood furniture for sustainable, rustic-chic remodeling; handmade, two-tone brushed steel for a modern, industrial look; and high definition LED salon lighting that ensures color accuracy. These additions to Minerva’s expanding salon equipment lines reflect current priorities for salon décor: environmental responsibility, antique inspiration with modern flair and functionality for a smooth-running salon environment.

The Seminole Retail Display

The latest addition to Minerva’s reclaimed furniture series, the Seminole Retail Display features a waxed solid concrete countertop, welded iron frame, heavy-duty antique casters, three shelves and solid, reclaimed, rough-sawn pine construction. Dimensions: Countertop: 39" wide x 18" deep x 1.75" tall, Base: 36" wide x 15" deep x 32" tall, Shelves: 36" wide x 10" deep x 1.25" tall, Space between shelves: 12".

The reclaimed lumber comes from timbers and decking rescued from old barns, factories and warehouses that would normally end up in a landfill. Each piece made is unique addresses a desire from salon designers to move away from the use of Formicas and laminates.

Icon Double Sided Styling Station in Carbon Steel 

The new Carbon Steel Icon Styling Station was designed with bold style and appreciation of fine workmanship in mind. Polished stainless steel hardware provides accent to the brushed stainless sides and carbon steel construction. Built with the durability and functionality needed to withstand professional salon and cosmetology school environments, the Icon Styling Station in Carbon Steel features clean, modern lines and is double-sided to support two stylists. Features include two full length mirrors, two pull out work trays, six drawers, built-in appliance holders and two concealed cabinets. This station is also ready to accept four accessory outlets in each of the slide-out appliance drawers and can accept electrical through the center of the station from access points on the top or bottom. The Icon styling station has hidden wheels on the bottom for easy maneuverability. This salon station is among the tallest in Minerva’s line of salon equipment and stands at just over 6.5 feet tall with 30 percent more capacity for storage than other double-sided tower stations. The Minerva Steel Line mixes well with any look from contemporary to traditional.

High Definition LED Salon Lighting

Color accuracy is vital in the salon environment. Minerva's new PAR38 LED Flood Lamps are designed for stylists and colorists who demand salon lighting perfection. The LED bulbs offer a combination of color temperature, brightness and beam angle for high definition lighting. These lamps fit any standard PAR38 can, and can be mounted to lighting tracks or used with individual recessed fixtures. And since they are LED, they will last up to 10 years and significantly reduce power bills and carbon footprint.

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