Farouk Systems Inc. Presents the Shade Collection

Jamie Newman | April 7, 2016 | 12:40 PM
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Polygon: Straight lines create a geometric shape.The movement and lines are endless, creating a beautiful flow.Balance is the key between the CHI Ionic Shine Shades liquid color fading application techniques combined with precise cutting and styling.
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Isometric: Raw and textured.This look characterizes the equal measurement between the three dimensional shape.Precision cutting techniques create the right balance for this hairstyle.The CHI Ionic Shine Shades liquid color incorporates a technique creating the look of a natural spotlight.
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Disparity: Graphic shape with disconnected proportions.This strong and powerful look reflects the disparity and asymmetry of this style.This hairstyle has a natural sweep and key accent on the strong contour and contradiction in the fringe area.Using the CHI Ionic Shine Shades colors there is the creation of a marriage between cool and warm tones.
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Diffusion Layers
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Created by Farouk Systems Global Artistic Director, Patrick Kalle and Creative Design Director, Maurice den Exter and Color Director, Richard Jordan, the Shade Collection for spring/summer 2016 by Farouk Systems Inc., combines hair trends with new CHI Ionic Shine Shades liquid color.


The Shade Collection is based on architectural designs and mixes lines, angles and forms to create a graphic collection that has a feminine touch. It is a series of soft graduation with equal measurement, with an interior of layers and movement.


The colors, using the new CHI Shine Shades color are a natural 3 dimensional harmony and reflection of levels and tones, featuring a marriage of cool and warm tones.  It gives artists the ability to produce even results from base to ends. 


Hair: Patrick Kalle, Richard Jordan, Maurice den Exter
Photographer: Richard Monsieurs
Make up: Juliette den Ouden
Wardrobe Styling: Ashley Veraart


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