5 Things to Do With a Teasing Brush…That Isn’t Teasing

Jamie Newman | April 19, 2016 | 1:58 PM
Photo By Brushopolis

Using a Brushopolis Teasedale teasing brush, the founder of the brand explains how to use the brush for uses beyond just teasing hair. Read why it went from her “special occasion brush” to her “everyday fave” because of its versatility. 

1. Tame Flyaways
Spray some hairspray on the brush, then gently skim along top layer of hair to smooth, not disturbing styling. Works for smoothing out updos too.

2. Blend Baby Hairs at Hairline
Spray some hairspray on the brush, and blend baby hairs into hairstyle.

3. Refine Without Losing Volume
Select waves around the top of hair and brush through to refine them, one at a time.

4. Create Texture
Take pieces of hair and mess them up a little. You are using a teasing technique, but using it to create texture rather than volume. This can also be done with a ponytail to make it perfectly undone looking.

5. Smooth Part Line
Spray hairspray along the part line or on the brush, and with the flick of the wrist, clean up any gray hairs growing in along part line. 


Watch the full video below:

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