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Healthy Air Chemical Source Capture System by Aerovex Systems

Lauren Salapatek | May 9, 2016 | 1:12 AM

The Healthy Air® Chemical Source Capture System distributed exclusively by Aerovex Systems is the next generation in portable hair salon ventilation technology. This new salon air ventilation system is built to protect the breathing zones of salon professionals, their clients and to prevent overexposure to excessive levels of vapors from chemical services.

Joining forces with Healthy Air® technologies, Aerovex has created this advanced Chemical Source Capture System designed for salon chemical fume extraction. Healthy Air technology eliminates formaldehyde and chemical vapors in keratin hair smoothing treatments, laser hair removal treatments and other hair chemical services.

Learn more about Aerovex's Chemical Source Capture Systems.

Learn more about the Healthy Air Chemical Source Capture System:

Learn more about the Hair Salon and Nail Salon Air Purifier - "The One That Works."

The One That Works salon air purifier scrubs any migratory formaldehyde or other vapors/fumes from the salon air not captured by the Chemical Source Capture System, and eliminates any salon haze/odors while providing a "Fountain Flow" of clean fresh air for everyone to breathe.  This air purifier is a necessary component (Zone #2 Room Air Purification) for proper keratin hair smoothing ventilation.

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