This Mirror Takes a Selfie FOR YOU! Stylists - Your Clients Will Love This!

Lauren Salapatek | June 29, 2016 | 11:48 PM
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Let's face it - people love taking selfies.

Now there's a new piece of technology you can implement in your salon that makes the whole "selfie" experience easier for you, and your client.

Selfie Mirror, a smart mirror that allows users to take photographs and post them straight to social media networks, is now offering beauty salons the chance to give their customers a new experience.

Selfie Mirror ships worldwide and allows users to take and then immediately post selfies to social network sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. By rolling out their smart mirrors to salons, Selfie Mirror is providing a way for beauty businesses to offer something extra in the competitive global beauty market.

“People love taking selfies and posting them online,” says Selfie Mirror founder and CEO Karina Shemyakina. “Now, Selfie Mirror allows salons to use our smart mirrors to help their clients post pictures of their beauty treatments before they leave the store. This will help beauty salons promote their work and make the salon experience more fun for customers.”

Selfie Mirror boosts the marketing potential of any adopter - small businesses often have only a small marketing budget yet a Selfie Mirror costs just $400 per unit to buy. This can help salon businesses set themselves apart from the competition, as well as helping them to promote their work - for free - on the social media networks that their clients are most comfortable using.

“Selfie Mirror provides an easy and cost-effective marketing solution to small businesses all over the world,” Shemyakina continues. “With our product, salons and beauty therapists can advertise their work by encouraging clients to post photos of their beauty treatments online. The Selfie Mirror adds an extra fun dynamic to the traditional beauty salon industry.”

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