How Living Proof's Dry Volume Blast Works to Add Major Volume: See the Before, After and Later

Alison Alhamed | August 24, 2016 | 12:24 PM
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Living Proof Dry Volume Blast
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BEFORE, no Dry Volume Blast
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AFTER, with Dry Volume Blast.
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The next day, no reapplication of Dry Volume Blast.
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Beauty professionals frequently see before-and-afters that are transformative—but don’t always see a “later.”

That “later” story is the selling point behind Living Proof’s newest launch, Dry Volume Blast, designed to deliver lightweight, instant volume and texture that lasts.

“It’s a must for all your clients who have fine, flat hair to create instant, long-lasting, big volume,” says Michael Shaun Corby, Living Proof creative director, global salon channel. (See him at work with the spray here)

Dry Volume Blast is powered by the brand’s new, patent-pending expandable-textured aero-spheres, or ETAS, technology. The technology is compared to popcorn kernels; the expanded spheres are heated before they’re added to the formula, so they inflate to the optimal size and stay light. That translates into long-lasting volume and texture on hair.

Because the spheres’ are light, the can must be shaken to distribute the spheres before application. The product can be used on dry hair from base to ends for all-over volume and texture, or just on the base if desired.

“Dry Volume Blast helps make a blowout look more voluminous or tousled,” Corby says. “It’s great for events, especially weddings.”

MODERN got an exclusive interview with Corby and Living Proof co-founder Ward to see their transformational styles of four models. Check out the transformations here and see what more than 60,000 people have been buzzing about.


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