Q&A with Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Jamie Newman | August 7, 2016 | 2:07 PM
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Great Lengths USA offers 100% human hair pre-bonded extensions. The brand is a resource for high-quality, ethically sourced hair, effective hair-extension-application technology, extension services education, business-building support and service to the hairdressers it serves and their clientele and to have fun doing it. Read on to learn more about Great Lengths

Which Great Lengths products generate the most buzz?
Great Lengths application services of any type. We enjoy a large number of high-profile clientele, and the mainstreaming of hair extensions has taken what was once a highly guarded secret to being a status symbol of sorts. From A-list actresses, legendary rock stars and royalty, to the women holding the most powerful positions in corporate America. The high-profile clientele not only wear it, they are happy to share it! When they talk, they get attention and that brings attention to the brand. Their impact is immeasurable. 

How does Great Lengths help salons drive revenue?  
By driving the business to them. Our consumer-awareness efforts were stepped up in 2015 and 2016 with major investments into digital consumer campaigns and a new salon-locator platform. We have our stylist web page program that’s a GL web page personalized to each GL-certified stylist with a bio, portfolio and GL social feeds so that it stays current. We just launched the Great Lengths Beauty Blog (, which is attracting a new audience for us, and it’s a relevant audience. It takes having many initiatives in place at all times, consistently to effectively drive the consumer to Great Lengths-certified salons.

How does Great Lengths recommend salons price services or products?
When selling Great Lengths services, you’re selling the result, not the components that create the result. To price services, we recommend a formula that includes the number of attachments required (this assures correct compensation for the time required for the varying types of extension services that are performed), the cost of goods used to perform the service and the cutting and  finishing time required to complete the service. Like color services, the total is all that should be presented to the client and not the itemized formula used to calculate that amount.

What education does Great Lengths provide?
The Great Lengths three-day certification program is hands-on education for the application of pre-bonded human hair extensions and the implementation of hair extension services.

How does Great Lengths inspire stylists and owners?  
We don’t. We’re their middleman for inspiring each other. We share their successes when we learn of them, and our social media gives them a platform to share with each other. Some amazing successes in the industry have happened within the Great Lengths Certified Salon Network. They didn’t happen because of what we as a company did; they happened because stylists took the tools and skillset we provided, and they used them to maximize their opportunities, elevate their careers and enrich their lives.

Brand Educators: Darren Brokaw, Celeste Lucero, Alex Lozano, Britney Diebling, Nikki Jauer, Nanci Lee

Best Sellers: Volumizing services. Many clients will say the hair they have in their forties is different than the hair they had in their twenties. Hairdressers see it every day—even if not to a point where it could be categorized as hair loss. When given the chance to get it back, certified stylists can turn their longtime client into one of their Great Lengths clients as well.

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