Modern Reports: Keune's True Beauty Global Event 2016 in Amsterdam

Lauren Quick | September 8, 2016 | 12:46 PM
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The Event: 
Keune's True Beauty Global Event, April 17, 2016, at the Gashouder in Amsterdam.

The Details: 
More than 2,000 hairdressers, Keune corporate team members and Keune Platinum Salon owners gathered to celebrate beauty and their passion for hairdressing. The brand feels a client is most confident when their style reflects their own personality, and that's how they define true beauty.

"Keune is all about true beauty, and in my mind, true beauty means diversity," said Ilham Mestour, Keune creative director. "That's how we came up with the title for this year's Keune event, the True Identity Edition. Every single part of the show honored the theme; diversity and identity completely meshed together that night."

The show celebrated diversity and individual approaches to beauty with real, wearable hair, which is a big focus for Keune. More than 50 models represented a variety of ages, body types and ethnicities, and were styled by 20 of Keune's top national and international stylists. A master class, new products, and musical and dance performances were also part of the presentations. 

In addition to the Keune team, Spanish hair artist trio X-presion showcased its viral pixel haircolor technique.

"Our connections on social media make the world seem smaller today as we share our best hair images, new techniques and salon services that are popular in each of our countries," said Chris Sulimay, academy and technical director for Keune North America. "It also presented the opportunity to get back to our brand roots and focus on the Keune story revolving around True Beauty."

The News:

The 2016 trend collection, Luxurious Minimalism, made its international debut at the True Beauty Event.

"This year, the collection was inspired by minimalism, different haircolors and diverse models," Mestour said. "The colors in this collection are quite modest (blondes, browns and grays), but we deliberately chose to cast both younger and older models."

Keune's Bond Fusion product line will arrive in North America in fall 2016. The three-step bond-booster treats and conditions colored hair for long-lasting condition and 43% less breakage after 1,000 comb strokes. 

The Last Word:
"The show was grand, innovative, surprising and different than any hair show I've ever seen," Mestour said. "Keune made it clear what we stand for. Together, we brought True Beauty to life."


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