Conceal by Eufora

Jamie Newman | September 15, 2016 | 8:38 AM
Photo By Eufora

Created with scalp and hair health as a priority, Eufora's Conceal root coverup provides coverage to grays, grown-out roots and more with the swipe of a brush. 

Available in five shades; black, dark brown, brown, auburn and blonde, Conceal is applied as one would with face cosmetics. The product is in the base of the brush, with a fluffy brush connected to the top. Simply tap the brush on the back of a hand two to three times to prime, apply with a firm patting motion with the brush sleeve fully extended and in locked position, and apply Conceal around the hairline, working in a light sweeping motion. 

Conceal is formulated with aloe vera, essential amino acids and panthenol to provide moisture for optimum scalp and hair health. In addition, soy protein gives hair body and texture, while silica silylate provides oil absorption and texture. Ions make sure product adheres to hair, providing day-long, water-resistant coverage. That means, Conceal stays on hair until next shampoo (with no product transfer beforehand).