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Lauren Salapatek | February 12, 2014 | 10:25 AM

After Shaun Settle fell ill to severe respiratory problems developed from the salon environment, she along with her husband Josef Settle set out to create their own product line with ingredients that wouldn’t aggravate a stylist or colorists' health in the salon—Shaoé Haircare. “We carefully researched the benefits of the newest salon product chemical designs, while expanding our understanding of what really goes into the creation of professional hair design artistry,” says Josef. “Shaun stopped having respiratory problems and allergic reactions to the new haircare products we designed for use in our own salon and school. The staff and clients loved them!”

Shaoé Haircare features a blend of natural ingredients from all seven corners of the world. The product system includes products from restorative conditioners to light setting hairspray. The products are formulated with their “Secret Seven Complex” which includes: French Caviar Oil, African Baobab Oil, South American Aloe Vera, Galanga Root, Swiss Dark Chocolate, Australian Eucalyptus Oil and Himalayan Goji berries. Interestingly, Shaoé Haircare features an energized cream-based hair repair agent that is not harsh on the hair follicle.

“We will be celebrating our Shaoé Haircare launch with a series of educational soirees across the USA. We will personally and professionally share our provocative new high-end haircare system with salon professionals at motivating regional events as well as in-salon workshops,” say the Settles. As nationally respected salon industry platform artists as well as the successful owners of Avant Gard the Salon & Spa and Avant Gard The School in Indianapolis, Indiana over the past 25 years, they have focused on the creation of dynamic hair artistry while also helping train as many other hair designers as possible.

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Shaoé Haircare

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