Knot Genie's Genie Supreme, Detangling Hairbrush

Lauren Salapatek | April 16, 2014 | 1:04 PM

Knot Genie's Genie Supreme is a detangling brush that now comes with an easy grip handle. The brush comes in three colors: Knot Free Fuchsia, Soothing Silver, and Smooth Going Green.

“For years our fans have been asking for a Knot Genie to include a handle,” says Rikki Mor, the inventor of Knot Genie. “We listened to this feedback as we developed Genie Supreme, a brush that packs the same magical powers as the original Knot Genie brush, just with a convenient handle grip.”

Mor says it took some time for her to decide to add a handle to the original cloudshaped brush because she didn’t want it to lose any of its detangling powers. Mor advises that whichever brush someone chooses from the Knot Genie family, they must practice good detangling measures.

“With any of our detangling hairbrushes, you must press gently when brushing knotty hair to prevent hair pulling and breakage. Customers using Genie Supreme can hold either the handle or cloud portion of the brush, and should use gentle, even strokes, and a good detangling spray, to painlessly unravel the knottiest manes of hair,” says Mor.

Customers can choose between three brushes in the Knot Genie family: (1) Knot Genie, the original detangling hairbrush, (2) Teeny Genie, a smaller, kid– friendly/travel version of the original Knot Genie, and (3) Genie Supreme.

The Genie Supreme is available online at and at select salons and boutiques around the world.

Knot Genie's Genie Supreme, Detangling Hairbrush

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