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Automated Marketing & Communication Software

March 11, 2014 | 7:52 AM

Demandforce Inc. offers automated e-mail, text, social media and online review programs. Demandforce sends reminders, delivers follow-up information, and reaches out with marketing campaigns. Demandfoce also taps into your client base for certified reviews, then spreads those reviews across all other top sites--starting a conversation they helps increase your visibility to potential customers.

Organize your social media campaigns and queue up status updates and tweets for an entire month with Demandforce. Track results of all campaigns and interactions--Demandforce tracks each activity so you can monitor your business growth.

The service also builds you a customized business profile page so you're ready to meet the public. Clients can request appointments, recieve special promotions, and find reviews. Demandforce optimizes pages for search engines, increasing your website ranking.

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