Choosing the Right Brush: For Fine, Medium and Coarse Hair

Lauren Salapatek | April 14, 2014 | 12:57 PM

According to Redken's Sam Villa, choosing the right brush can reduce styling time and improve results. Are you using the right brush on your client's hair? Here, Villa bases his selection on the technique he's doing and the desired result.


1" Thermal Brush – Achieves frothy volume and tighter curls on shorter hair.

1.5" Thermal Brush – Good for increasing volume and forming loose curls on medium length hair.

2" Thermal Brush – Used for achieving smooth waves and flexible curves on longer hair.


Small Round Brush – Adds volume and curl to shorter hair.

Medium Oval Brush – Creates waves and loose curls on medium length hair.

Large Oval Brush  – Used to create loose waves and movement on longer hair.

Sam Villa recommends brushes with boar bristles and/or the use of tourmaline infused nylon bristles. "Boar bristles help distribute natural oils, and tourmaline, when exposed to heat, helps close the cuticle for frizz free shine. The oval shape allows bristles to naturally grab hair at the scalp for more tension, pull, stretch and torque," says Villa.

Styling Brush – Used for general smoothing, brushing out teasing and to add polish to finishes.

9-Row Brush – Utilize for effortless directional and wrap drying on shorter hair.

Paddle Brush – Detangles and is good for wrap drying on sort to medium length hair.

Choosing the Right Brush: For Fine, Medium and Coarse Hair


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