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Kallista Holiday Hand Care

July 28, 2014 | 9:23 AM

This season KALLISTA offers two special Holiday Hand Care promotions for salon stylists, and their clients.

Salon owners can choose to reward their stylists with a gift of KALLISTA to take care of their most important professional tools…their hands. Stylists and receptionists can suggest KALLISTA hand care to clients for friends and family members who also need special care for hands that are often in water and chemicals.

The KALLISTA Holiday Hand Care package includes a Daily Moisturizing Cream, and an Intensive Moisturizing Cream, packaged in a KALLISTA Beauty Bag with a Happy Holidays card.

Stylist selling pointer: keep the 9.5 ounce Daily Moisturizing Cream at your station for use throughout the day, and to offer client. Take the Intensive Cream home for nighttime pampering. You deserve it!

•    KALLISTA Daily Moisturizing Cream is designed for everyday hand care. Its fast-absorbing formula re-balances hands leaving them moisturized, revitalized, non-greasy, supple, soft and protected during repeated washing.

•    KALLISTA Intensive Moisturizing Cream offers a rich emollient formula to immediately comfort dry, dehydrated and overworked hands. The formula deeply nourishes, providing long-lasting benefits. Hands appear radiant, youthful and smooth, following use.

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