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Biolage Advanced RepairInside System

September 29, 2014 | 12:43 PM

Matrix introduces the new Biolage Advanced RepairInside System. Designed for hair with extreme chemical and mechanical damage, RepairInside works to restore hair strands on the inside as well as outside, resulting in hair strength up to 75% repaired after just one use.

RepairInside becomes the third pillar in the groundbreaking Biolage Advanced range for scientifically advanced hair repair. It joins the Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong regimen for minimally damaged hair and the Biolage Advanced Keratindose regimen for moderately damaged hair, offering a third option for salon clients with extremely damaged hair. Like Fiberstrong and Keratindose, Biolage Advanced RepairInside combines the power of nature with breakthrough molecular science, offering effective and immediate relief for highly compromised hair. 

RepairInside reconstructs hair that has been broken down from repeated chemical abuse and ongoing damage from thermal styling, rebuilding the internal bonds and repairing external damage.  Thanks to a unique formula containing Soy and Arginine, RepairInside functions in several vital ways:
•    Arginine penetrates the hair at the intracellular level, for deep repair at the core of the hair fiber.
•    Soy resurfaces the hair by replenishing proteins and amino acids while sealing split ends.
•    Together, Arginine and Soy target the hair cortex while repairing the exterior to allow for up to 75% reconstructed strength after one use.

The Biolage Advanced RepairInside collection features three daily use formulas and one potent professional treatment:
•    RepairInside Shampoo: Infused with Soy and Arginine, it gently cleanses and repairs damage while restoring suppleness and shine.
•    RepairInside Conditioner: Imparts rich conditioning to help restore suppleness and shine while providing natural bounce and movement.
•    RepairInside Intra-Reparative Control Cream: Rich, leave-in conditioning cream protects hair from heat, repairs and provides instant shine and suppleness to smooth hair without sacrificing bounce and movement.
•    For Pros Only—RepairInside Hyper-Dose Concentrate:  For severely damaged hair that requires extra TLC, this powerful professional treatment helps strengthen severely compromised hair, leaving it intensely conditioned and smooth. 

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