VIDEO HOW-TO: Galactic Grape Makeover Using Extra Long Foils

November 15, 2016 | 8:15 AM
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Colortrak's Extra Long Professional Haircoloring Foil
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While stylists love working on long, flowy locks, they also go through a ton of foil in the process. Colortrak introduces extra long 5x16 foil sheets to help you achieve that extra long finish. The foils feature the same embossing (for non-slip grip) and thickness of their 5x12, with added length.

The sheets can be used for all freehand coloring techniques—foldable or laid flat.

#purplehaircolor is trending right now. Jump on the bandwagon and learn how to create these kinds of looks on your clients. Here's a "Galactic Grape" video-how to using Colortrak's extra long foils. Follow the steps below and watch the video to re-create the look.

1. Using a large brush, apply the base color using diagonal back slices to break up the base and avoid a line a demarcation.
2. Apply a light metallic purple at the base into a deeper purple and pink through the ends.
3. Use the 5X16 Extra Long Foils to keep your sections neat and clean, it also helps to avoid bleeding between the colors.
4. For sectioning alternate formulas with each slice, changing from a diagonal back to a horizontal slice, and work in quadrants starting at the base of each section working your way up.
5. Use the Extra Long Foils to keep sections net and clean and to avoid blending between colors
6. Rinse well.
7. Style as desired!

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