New Milano Ceramic Dryer from Elchim Features High Power and Minimal-Chic Design

Elizabeth Jakaitis | November 18, 2016 | 8:26 AM

Elchim's new Milano Ceramic Dryer features a classic size with minimal-chic design. The result of an advanced research study done on airflow dynamic, this dryer has been proven to provide more heat and pressure than a traditional dryer, and can tackle all hair types—even those prone to the most amount of frizz. The slim handle and ergonomic design makes this tool ideal for both in-salon and at-home styling.

Delivering results equivalent to a 2.100 W power dryer, the Milano Ceramic Dryer is powerful, but also utilizes ceramic technology that produces far-infrared heat, which heats hair from the inside out, preventing it from becoming dry due to over-processing.

All Elchim products are made in Italy.

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