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OPI Launches Newly Formulated ProStay Primer Base Coat and Gloss Top Coat

Jamie Newman | January 4, 2017 | 1:28 PM
OPI ProStay Gloss Top Coat

OPI updates its Infinite Shine Primer and Gloss to kick of the new year. The base and top coat for OPI's Infinite Shine colors are now formulated with the brand's ProStay technology, offering one additional day of wear to its Infinite Shine line of colors than the previous formula gave. 

OPI ProStay Primer Base Coat
OPI ProStay Primer Base Coat

“When it comes to nail lacquer, the number one concern is wear,” explains OPI co-founder and brand ambassador Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. “We developed Infinite Shine to offer up to 11 days of beautiful color, with a three-part system that can be used both in the salon and at home."

Infinite Shine utilizes a three-step system featuring a base coat, color and top coat that’s created to deliver a gel-like shine and wear with easy, soak-free removal. The updated Primer offers optimum sticking power and less chipping, while the  Gloss top coat provides a durable finish with a higher gloss retention than the previous formula. 

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