GKhair's Hot Bombshell Masque

Lauren Salapatek | March 15, 2017 | 9:07 AM

The Hot Bombshell Masque by GKhair is a must-have for all blondes. Whether your client's hair is naturally blonde, frazzled by harsh weather or damaged by dying and bleaching products, the Hot Bombshell Masque provides enriched nourishment for dry hair that's been damaged by styling or coloring.

The masque delivers proteins to the hair with its special Juvexin formula, which helps in moisturizing and revitalizing the hair. Moreover, the masque is designed to counteract against brassy tones, bringing your client's back to their fair hair state through its blue base, which neutralizes unwanted tones.

Designed specifically for intensive hair deep conditioning; the Hot Bombshell Masque works against breakage and frizz. To work the product, simply mix the one-time application of 15ml shot of the Hot Bombshell Masque with hot water and apply to the hair until saturated.

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