Zotos AGEbeautiful Tint Shine

Lauren Salapatek | June 16, 2017 | 10:23 AM
Zotos' AGEbeautiful Tint Shine Anti-Aging Haircolor
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Tint Shine Bronze
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Tint Shine Plum
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Tint Shine Red
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Tint Shine Gold
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Are your clients wary of taking the color plunge? Zotos' AGEbeautiful Tint Shine Anti-Aging Haircolor delivers brilliant, radiant shine with just a subtle touch of translucent color in only 10 minutes.

Ideal for first-time color users, the demi-permanent liqui-crème formula can be used to enhance natural hair tones, or over color-treated hair to add radiance without a dramatic change in shade.

Staying true to the signature AGEbeautiful benefits, ammonia-free AGEbeautiful Tint Shine Anti-Aging Haircolor promises to fight all five signs of aging hair: thinning, wiry texture, grays, dryness and dullness. Plus, it’s infused with vitamin E for hair and scalp health.

AGEbeautiful Tint Shine Anti-Aging Haircolor is available in 4 illuminating shades to suit any hair color, plus a clear option:

• Sheer Gold – adds the perfect golden tone to blonde hair
• Sheer Red – adds the perfect red tone to brunette and dark red hair
• Sheer Plum – adds the perfect plum tone to brunette hair
• Sheer Bronze – adds the perfect bronze tone to brunette hair
• Clear Shine – no color deposit; adds ultimate shine over natural hair, or on top of permanent or demi permanent color

Using AGEbeautiful Tint Shine Anti-Aging Haircolor is quick and easy, making it even more ideal for beginners. Simply mix with AGEbeautiful Gentle Crème Demi Developer, apply all over dry or damp hair, process for 10
minutes, then rinse, shampoo and condition. Hair will feel softer and healthier, with noticeably luminous shine.

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