Relieve Leg Pain with Compression Socks

Elizabeth Jakaitis | August 18, 2014 | 1:21 PM
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VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
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VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
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VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
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VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
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VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
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VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
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VIM & VIGR Compression Socks
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Tired and achy legs seem to be an occupational hazard of hairstylists. When you’re standing all day in the salon, gravity has an enormous effect on the circulation of your blood. Blood pumps from your heart into your arteries which passes the oxygenated blood on to all of your extremities. Veins then bring the blood back to your heart for fresh oxygen. When you’re standing, your veins have to work harder to pump the blood from your legs and feet back to your heart. Often, as the day goes on, all of the blood pumping through your legs doesn’t make it back up to your heart, but instead pools in your veins, creating spider and varicose veins. This causes your feet and ankles to swell and your legs to feel tired, heavy and throb with pain. Graduated compression socks help those veins push blood back up to your heart. These socks gently encourage blood back up the leg, increasing blood circulation and reducing pressure on your veins. This means more energy, less pain, and no more varicose veins.

Many respond negatively to the idea of compression socks because they are visualizing the thick, beige socks their grandmother wears. Fortunately, VIM & VIGR has created a line of stylish knee-highs that still offer all of the health benefits of their less attractive forerunners. VIM & VIGR’s compression socks offer a variety of designs and colors, all boasting the same 15-20 mmHg of graduated compression for optimal health benefits. These socks work to both reduce and prevent spider and varicose veins throughout your legs without the need for lasers or invasive surgery. VIM & VIGR also just released eight new women’s designs with sophisticated color combinations and a debut men’s collection with classic styles.



Take a look at these top five reasons to wear compression socks in place of ordinary socks:

1. Swelling: Whether you are traveling, sitting at a desk or moving all day, these highly advanced compression socks prevent and reduce leg swelling.

2. Energy: After a long day at work or at home, your legs feel lighter and more invigorated as a result of the knitting technology.

3. Style: Don’t sacrifice fashion for health anymore, VIM & VIGR’s line is available in stripes, polka dots, solids, and argyle.

4. Muscle Recovery: These compression socks work to increase oxygen delivery, decrease lactic acid, prevent cramps, and minimize muscle fatigue – especially after a hard work out.

5. Veins: The increased circulation from the advanced gradient compression works to diminish and inhibit spider or varicose veins.

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