R+Co Adds Freeway Defining Spray Gel and Skyline Shampoo Powder

September 11, 2017 | 8:13 AM
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R+Co adds two stylers to its hair-care line with the launch of Freeway Defining Spray Gel and Skyline Shampoo Powder. The spray gel works on all hair types and has a Relative Paradise scent. It can amplify or hold texture on curly hair leaving them soft, bouncy and defined, or it can create lift and definition on other hair types. Key ingredients include: sandalwood extract to increase shine, prevent dryness and help hair retain moisture; spirulina to nourish hair and add moisture; and polymide-1 polymer, a styling polymer previously only found in tubed gels that has been aerosolized for the first time in Freeway. It provides superior style memory, volume creation, style definition and a smooth/touchable hold. The Shampoo Powder’s non-aerosol pump delivers the powder with precision and is good for hair that needs extra grip and elevation, or to refresh second-day or post-workout hair with a Rosy eyed fragrance. Diatomaceous earth absorbs impurities and gives hair subtle texture and grip. Jojoba Seed weightlessly conditions hair, adds shine and helps promote a healthy scalp environment by balancing sebum levels, while burdock root extract removes loose dandruff flakes. Visit or

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