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Lauren Salapatek | March 13, 2018 | 12:34 PM
Pravana VIVIDS Crystals Rose Quartz
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There are 6 different healing shades in Pravana's VIVIDS Crystals collection
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Pravana introduces six prismatic shades inspired by healing crystals, part of the VIVIDS Crystals collection. Each of the shades are uniquely pigmented to reflect consistent, saturated tonal value, making it easy to achieve a prismatic look while applying just one shade on levels 7 through 10.

The six colors include:

Aquamarine: Inner-Peace, Self-Expression, Creativity
Garnet: Passion, Energy, Health
Jade: Protection, Fortune, Self-Discovery
Rose Quartz: Love, Happiness, Balance
Sunstone: Power, Strength, Confidence
Purple Tourmaline: Spiritualty, Intuition and Peace

Each of the shades require you to lighten the hair to a certain level before processing. For colors Garnet and Jade, lighten the hair to a level 8. For Aquamarine and Purple Tourmaline, lighten the hair to a level 9. For Rose Quartz and Sunstone, lighten the hair to a level 10.

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