Farouk Systems Launches BioSilk Silk Therapy with Organic Coconut Oil

March 13, 2018 | 2:11 PM

Farouk Systems USA launches BioSilk Silk Therapy with Organic Coconut Oil Leave In Treatment. The new formula adds organic virgin coconut oil for the first time for increased moisture. The oil helps maintain healthy hair while providing a subtle glow to the skin. The leave-in conditioner is lightweight and quick-absorbing, improving the overall condition of the hair and skin by adding luster, shine, and softness. It is comprised of certified organic, virgin coconut oil. This oil contains the many essential fatty acids which nourish the hair and skin while acting as a gentle moisturizing agent.

For the hair, it conditions each strand from within, protecting it from heat and environmental damage. It also helps to control frizz and flyaways while preventing split ends for smooth results with incredible shine. For skin, it is a rich natural moisturizer because coconut oil leaves skin soft and supple.

Features & Benefits

  • Multitasks to moisturize hair, skin and body
  • Protects against heat and environmental damage
  • Adds incredible shine and softness
  • Helps to lock in moisture
  • Relieves dryness  


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