ABBA Releases New Volume Foam Styling Mousse

April 16, 2018 | 9:43 AM

ABBA has released its new Volume Foam to elevate hair to new heights. The mousse's clean-ingredient alcohol-free formula extends the life of any blowout with its light-to-medium hold for lift and shape. 

For best results to pump up fine, limp hair, first wash with ABBA Volume Shampoo then apply Volume Conditioner and rinse: both boost active natural botanicals for adding incomparable body, volume and hydration to dull, lifeless hair.

Next, gently squeeze excess water from the hair using a paper or microfiber towel. Shake the Volume Foam canister vigorously for 10 seconds, turning it upside down in a vertical position, and disperse an egg-sized amount, either into your palm or onto a comb for even distribution from roots to ends. For natural curls or textured beachy waves, simply scrunch the hair by section. For polished perfection, blow dry as desired.

For stronger hold, consider a second but smaller dollop of the foam post-styling for ensuring your client’s look lasts until her next shampoo.


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