Caviar Textured Nail Color Now Bottled!

Lauren Salapatek | December 17, 2012 | 10:06 AM

Caviar Textured Nail Color Now Bottled!Layla Caviar Effect caviar textured nail color can now be used with any nail polish to turn your client's nails into a work of art. This new nail effect comes in 12 vibrant colors to deliver an intense nail transformation.

The polish comes in 12 vibrant colors: Cha Cha Cha (01) a bright silver, Burlesque (2) a shimmery gold, Valzer (3) a glistening white, Ballet (4) a perfect pink, Bolero (5) an edgy gray, Disco (6) a popping magenta, Tango (7) a luscious red, Two Step (8) a cool cobalt, Lamada (9) a light baby blue,  Mambo (10) a brilliant blue, Flamenco (11) a menacing black and Samba (12) a rainbow of colors.

The application process is simple.

STEP 1: Apply a base coat.

STEP 2: Add two coats of nail polish.

STEP 3: While the polish is drying, sprinkle on the Layla Caviar Effect onto nails. (You might want to place your client's hands over a bowl, so that it collects the unused beads.)

STEP 4: Let dry, no top coat is needed.

Caviar Textured Nail Color Now Bottled! Caviar Textured Nail Color Now Bottled!

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