Matrix Launches ColorInsider

Jan Hillenmeyer | February 18, 2013 | 1:05 PM

Matrix’s new ColorInsider is an ammonia-free permanent hair color that offers maximum color and minimum stress to the hair’s cuticle. ColorInsider shades are true-to-tone with a varied color choice and total coverage of gray.

“We’re confident new Matrix ColorInsider will satisfy professional colorists and their clients in every way,” says Elisa Fischer, Matrix vice president of marketing. “Stylists will love the precise application and amazing results with new cool tone options and vibrant reds.”

ColorInsider is formulated with a unique color injection system that utilizes oil to deliver the color into the hair. The Color Injection Oil Delivery System (ODS 2) minimizes damage to the cuticle surface and it suitable for a diverse clientele.

ColorInsider features 52 shades, plus Clear, in 16 tonal families. ColorInsider Oil-Cream Developers in 10, 20 and 30 volume are mixed in a 1:1 ration and provide up to three full levels of lift. The processing time for ColorInsider is reduced from 45 minutes to 35, and the color’s packaging and swatches include an alpha-numeric system for more precise color selection and results.

The Matrix ColorInsider Artistic Team will direct a national team of educators who will bring training and technical tips to colorists throughout the year. The Artistic Team includes Chrystofer Benson, Robert Santana, Sandra Smith, Dan Csicsai, Franco Della Grazio, Ammon Carver, Lenny Strand, Nick Stenson and Daniel Roldan.  Digital education will also be available through the MyMatrixFamily Mobile App.

“ColorInsider is intuitive for stylists,” says Matrix Artistic Director and NAHA winning colorist Benson. “It is deep and rich where needed and light and multi-reflective where expected. Reds are vibrant and wearable; the gray coverage is 100 percent and there is a perfect balance of base and tone.” Visit

Matrix Launches ColorInsider