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Winter 2013 Collection from Coiffeur en France

Jan Hillenmeyer | October 2, 2012

Coiffeur en France is a national network of salons across France dedicated to providing professionals and clients with the best combination of “Pret-a-coiffeur” hair and fashion trends.


Old Hollywood - Training the Next Generation

November 29, 2011

Oribe is one of the most renowned and respected hair designers working today. An integral part of Oribe Hair Care education, led by this icon, is focused on increasing the level of exposure for the creative leads and rising stars of Oribe Network Salons.

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Editor's Note: New Classics

posted by | January 2, 2014

MODERN’s Executive Editor Alison Shipley directs this constant stream of social media team coverage, along with coordinating and editing our features, step-by-step education and other core content in the magazine. I asked her to summarize “what’s new” from our guest artists this month, and her answer was resoundingly “the classics.” Reinventing what’s old is truly new. Again.


Precious by Andrea de Deugd

Jan Hillenmeyer | January 30, 2013

Australian freelance hair stylist Andrea de Deugd created the Precious collection as an homage to vintage glamour.

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