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How Understanding Your Color Data Leads To Huge Savings And Profit Gains

May 16, 2019

The more you know, the more you save and the more money you make. That’s true of everything in your business. When you’re informed, you can make informed decisions. Knowing your numbers when it comes to hair color usage is particularly helpful because it’s so easy to over-use product and undercharge for services. Here’s how three salons, with the help of Vish software, were able to analyze the data available at their fingertips to determine which services were losing money and which were producing healthy profits.

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How To Charge For Corrective Color

May 13, 2019

Your menu covers the basics—single process, double process, highlights, balayage. But what happens when that inky-haired box color client shows up in shock, begging you to restore her to her natural shade? How much should that cost? There are many ways to charge for corrective color, but a recent poll of pros reveals four key approaches.

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3 Ways To Price Your Balayage

March 29, 2019

Most colorists know balayage requires a unique combination of artistry and skill. As demand for balayage continues to surgethere’s the question of what to charge. Most pros approach balayage pricing in one of three ways—as a standalone service, at an hourly rate or as part of a package price.

News Donna Judson, salon manager, market trainer and master business facilitator at Ulta

Healthy Hairdresser Hero: Donna Judson

Rosanne Ullman | January 29, 2016

Donna JudsonSalon manager, market trainer and master business facilitatorUlta Store #225Phoenix, AZDonna Judson was 43 years old and had spent 25 years in the salon industry when a divorce and house foreclosure left her with little choice but to ...


Dollars and Sense

Rosanne Ullman | January 29, 2016

Figure out your finances to eliminate one major source of stress. The other benefit? You just might make your dreams come true.Do what you love, and the money will follow. If that bit of conventional wisdom has disappointed you, that's a ...

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CosmoProf Partners with Schedulicity

Jan Hillenmeyer | January 2, 2013

CosmoProf, a division of Beauty Systems Group, announced a partnership with Schedulicity, a leading provider of online appointment scheduling systems for small businesses.

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