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How One Salon Survived the Wreckage of the Louisiana Floods

Heather Smith with Anne Moratto | September 6, 2016

One of our wonderful Guest Bloggers, Heather Smith, has been very involved in aiding salon professionals suffering from recent storms and flooding in and around Louisiana. Smith set-up Denham Blue, a relief organization bringing supplies and support to those displaced stylists with destroyed salons and/or homes. Recently, she shared an email she received from salon owner Natalie Crosser. Smith had asked Crosser to write what happened when the waters rose.

Students MODERN SALON Blogger Carlos Valenzuela

Say "Yes" to Being an Assistant

Anne Moratto | May 29, 2015

The luckiest thing that could happen to you as a new salon professional, aside from winning millions in the lottery, is to assist a successful salon professional.Watch the video below where MODERN SALON blogger Carlos Valenzuela talks about the ...

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