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Discover System Professional: Ultra-Personalized Hair Care

July 28, 2017

System Professional believes that everyone’s hair is as unique as a fingerprint. That’s why they’ve created EnergyCode Complex technology—which prescribes each client an ultra-personalized coded care system that maximizes their elasticity, fiber health and responsiveness. Did you know there are more than 174 million combinations?

Increase Your Mojo with Up-sells, Cross-sells and Add-ons

May 16, 2017

Get this free guide to start leading a culture that retains clients and increases revenue. Your front desk can do so much more than answer phones. If trained correctly, your front desk has the potential to generate additional revenue by increasing your average ticket. Creating a culture that is focused on maximizing profit at the front desk can be done through up-selling, cross-selling and add-on services. This guide provides industry-proven dialogue to get your team started.

Your Marketing Guide for the Holiday Season

Lauren Salapatek | October 4, 2016

The holidays are quickly approaching, and beauty services will be extremely popular over the next few months. This is the perfect time for salons and spas to increase their customer base and sales during the busy season. November through January seem to be a peak time, so why not take advantage of the holiday rush to fill your book and sell more retail?

Shortcuts Software mySALONapp

The Buzz About Salon Apps

Lauren Salapatek | March 10, 2016

The mobile revolution has changed the salon marketing game. The rise of mobile apps in particular has created new and exciting ways for salons to stay connected to clients. To help you get up to speed on the trend, Shortcuts Software looked ...


5 Ways to Incorporate Technology Into Your Trade Show Booth

Kaitlyn Agnew | April 28, 2015

One of the best ways to generate interest and create buzz on any showfloor is by incorporating various interactive components. These trends offer many ways to enhance your booth’s overall message and engage visitors on a deeper level while ...

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