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Expert Advice
Expert Advice

A Lesson in Social Media Etiquette

Chandler Rollins | March 11, 2015

Think of your social media channels—Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as your first interview. This doesn’t mean shut everything down, but make sure the content you are displaying shows off your talents, personality ...

Expert Advice
Expert Advice

The Digital Director

Patrick McIvor | February 27, 2015

I have class coming up in just about a month at the brand new Goldwell KMS California Academy in NYC and later this year at the Santa Monica Academy called The Digital Director 101 and 102. What I love about this class is, NOW is the time for ...

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The Basics of Twitter

Kelly Ehlers | June 11, 2012

To effectively utilize Twitter for your salon, much like any other social media platform, it’s all about strategy. If and when done properly, there are many opportunities to outreach to both industry influencers, bloggers, media and your customers via Twitter. At Evoke Brands, we utilize Twitter as a PR tool – something we call ‘Social Media PR.’ It’s a new way of connecting with influencers and both introducing our company and clients – as well as joining important conversations in a social, instant way. We look at it as a conversation resource in a way that other social media, even the almighty Facebook, can't.

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Party on the Web

Victoria Wurdinger | July 10, 2011

In last week's Salon Success, we talked to Eric Moon, a stylist and educator who's using Twitter and Facebook to book fill last-minute appointments and get referrals. Here are some other innovative ways people in the industry are using social networking sites.

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Decoding Social Media Hashtags

Kelly Ehlers | May 14, 2013

#WhatIsAHashtag? That question is one that’s often raised during the social media training sessions I conduct and I thought it was time to break down the typographical symbol that’s making waves in the social media space. The pound sign (or as us social media geeks call it, a hashtag) has big social media ambitions. Formerly known only to us on our telephone keypads, we are now seeing them scroll across our TV tickers, adhered to the backs of sports jerseys and even playing a large role in the breaking news.

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MODERN and Hairdo Want to See How YOU Look with a Fringe

Chandler Rollins | June 20, 2013

For the June issue of Modern Salon, we asked our readers to try on a pair of blonde or brunette bangs-- and hundreds of you answered! Photos of men, women and even dogs flooded our social media sites, showing off their Hairdo Pop Out clip-in bangs.

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