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Consumer Protection Quiz

February 2, 2016

See how up to snuff you are with your state of cleanliness and take our Consumer Protection quiz! Top scorers will earn a certificate to prove you know your stuff.


5 Ways to Build Your Male Clientele

Jamie Newman | August 13, 2015

Men's groomer Patti Davenport, who nabbed American Crew's highest achievement for its educators, offers five tips for gaining guys.1. Request referrals. “Ask your female clients who they know, by saying ‘We have a new ...

Industry News

Here's Why Your Client Went Elsewhere

Anne Moratto | November 3, 2014

When a client leaves and takes their business elsewhere, we all look around and want to know what happened.  What caused them to stray?   We asked three top-tier beauty professionals for their take on why a salon guest decides ...

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