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Heat-Resistant Belt Speeds Up Hair Extension Installation

Donna Bella’s Melting Connector Belt has been specially made to hold the Kera-Link Melting Connector at your side while installing hair extensions.

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How to Remove Donna Bella Hair's Kera-Link Fusion Hair Extensions

Learn how to remove Donna Bella Hair's Kera-Link hair extensions. The key is to be patient, especially if your client wants them rebonded for another use.

The Dos and Don'ts of Ombre

When it comes to creating an ombre effect, there are many factors to consider. What colors you want, how smooth you want your transition to look, and the color of the original hair all come into play. Fear not! Here’s a list of dos and don’ts for working with ombre combinations to help you pull off the effect with flying colors (no pun intended)!

All About Donna Bella Hair's Flat-Tip Hair Extensions and Why You Need Them

Jenna has been wearing hair extensions for years. After trying several different methods, she’s decided that her favorite, by far, are Donna Bella Hair's Flat-Tip Hair Extensions. Find out why.

Ready to Become an Expert in Applying the NEW Flat-Tip Extensions?

Are you ready to become a Donna Bella Flat-Tip pro? Here’s a list of your next steps.

3 Products You Need to Speed Up Hair Extension Application

The new products from Donna Bella Hair allow for faster and easier installation of their professional hair extensions. Find out why you need these products in your beauty repertoire.

What is the BEST Way to Color Hair Extensions?

There's a certain procedure you should do every time when coloring hair extensions. Find out what it is.

Don't Miss This: Hair Color Stage Presentations at Premiere Orlando

Premiere Orlando's Hair Color Stage will showcase trends and techniques from some of the biggest names in the industry.

Join the Color Takeover Movement: Learn How to Professionally Color Extensions

Color Takeover teaches stylists how to achieve consistent results when custom coloring extensions.

Journeys, Tips and Advice on Growing Your Hair Extension's Business with Hair Color

How do you get started in the Color Takeover revolution? Stylists who have grown business with extensions and hair color share their journeys, tips and advice.