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Moving into the New Year, How to Live and Work with Intention

Living and working with intention is taking a step back to really take the time to see where we are at and where we want to be. Read through one stylist's suggestions for being thoughtful and responsive in her life and her career.

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Being a Hairstylist and Coping With Invisible Illness

A campaign between Instagram star-stylist Ash Fortis and ECOHEADS during Invisible Illness Week in October revealed an industry fully aware of, and trying to cope with, the agony of invisible illnesses.

Ash Fortis Raises Awareness for Invisible Disabilities Week

Illnesses like arthritis, lupus and Crohn's aren't always apparent to others, but can be crippling just the same. Butterfly Circus educator Ash Fortis raises awareness for Invisible Disabilities Week by sharing her struggle with Crohn's during an Instagram takeover for Ecoheads.

Stop Holding It in the Salon: Advice from a Longtime Hairdresser About Bladder Basics and More

Do you, like me, hate excusing yourself when working on a client? The habit we salon professionals have of holding our pee can have grave consequences.

What NovaLash is Doing About Lyme Disease Awareness

For more than 30 years, Sophy Merszei, CEO and founder of NovaLash, has been fighting the unpleasant and often debilitating symptoms of Lyme Disease. Merszei and Team NovaLash are set to bring awareness to this disease.

40 Years of Doing Hair and the Importance of Self-Care for a Long, Pain-Free Career

During the ordeal, I kept thinking of how I must warn all cosmetologists of the need for self care.

Managing Your Springtime Allergies

Do what you can to stop sneezing long enough to enjoy the beautiful outdoors after the snow melts.

Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council: Larry Silvestri

From our Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council, Cosmetologists Chicago President Larry Silvestri talks about body/spirit/business.

“Go Further With Food”: This Year’s Theme for National Nutrition Month

The power of good food all comes together this month as we are asked not only to make healthy choices but to conserve food resources and keep eating areas safe.

Healthy Hairdresser Advisory Council: Anna Manukyan

The Assistant Vice President of Education for Matrix and Biolage shares her advice for staying healthy in the salon industry.