Product Spotlight: Shears and Razors

Shear BeautyThey're the tools you can't live without, so make sure your shears and razors are on the cutting edge of technology.

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The "It" Cut for Fall/Winter 2014: '60s Bob

Ruth Roche shares tips on how to achieve the "it" cut for fall/winter 2014, the '60s bob.

Sharpley Shaped: Scissor-Over-Comb and Clipper Techniques

At MODERN’s most recent Artist Session, the hands-on photoshoot workshop in New York City, artists Rose Fraser and Chaunsey Hildebrandt took up their tools and went sharp, shaped and sheared.

Curly Cuts 101

Cutting textured hair may feel like a daunting task, but there's nothing to fear. Hear, we share out top dos and dont's of cutting naturally curly clients.

Karg Cuts

Mike Karg demos HOW TO cut extensions without hitting the natural hair

Damien Carney Shows HOW TO Scissor Over Comb Behind The Ear

Joico's Damien Carney demos how to get the best angle when doing scissor over comb.

HOW-TO: Unique Diffusion: Concave Look With Simple Disconnection

“Unique Diffusion” (from teaches you how to create a strong but dimensional concave shape with soft disconnected lines. Learn how to work both horizontally and vertically in the exterior and through the interior to create multiple weight differences.

How To Cut Extensions

Frank Rizzieri, Creative Director of the soon to be launched VoMor line of extensions, demos how to best remove length and shape extensions.

Ruth Roche Demos 2 Favorite Techniques

Ruthe Roche demos how to get texture using her Polka Dots and Curtains techniques.

Quick Tip For Cutting Around the Ears

Stylists who want to speed up cutting around the ears can view this quick video tip from Sam Villa. The trick is to use the wide teeth of a comb to capture hair and fold the ear back while carving around the ear.